Hugo (otherwise spelled as H.U.G.O.) is the Holographic User Guidance Operative for Braces 2.0. As well as being one of the main characters in Get Ace, he is also a main protagonist.

H.U.G.O. - Holographic User Guidance Operative
Some attributes
First Voiced by Lyall Brooks
Second Programmed Gender


Third Age


Other attributes
Fourth First appearance

Ace Gets Braced

Depiction in the seriesEdit



Hugo is a small holograph. He has a rather big head for his small body. He wears a formal black tuxedo and a red tie. He has short legs with shorts, white socks and black shoes. His hair is blond with some darker streaks and his skin is a bit gray. In Hugo Gets Real, while he was a human his skin has a normal skin-colour.

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