Hilda Krinkle

Hilda Krinkle

Hilda Krinkle is the mother of Ned Krinkle. Like Ned, she is evil, but unlike him, she is much smarter and quicker to think. She is one of the main antagonists in Get Ace.

Depiction in the seriesEdit

Hilda is one of the main antagonists. She has years of experience as a spy and is still nimble, fit, and ninja-trained.



Hilda is short and has purple lipstlick and wears mainly warm purple clothes that look formal and expensive. She has purple eyes and a black birthmark below her mouth on the left side of her face. On top of her purple hat are three black feathers. She has black tights and black boots. Hilda has large gold earings, and her purple jumper has two big black buttons and a black furry collar. She also wears purple gloves. Her hat has lighter purple spots on it.

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